Monday, June 08, 2009

London, Day 2

As I mentioned in my last post, for the next three weeks I'll be "revisiting" (in my mind) the beautiful places throughout Europe I had the chance to see two years ago.

Two years ago today, I travelled to Windsor and got to see a bit more of thrilling London.

Buckingham Palace

Square outside of Buckingham Palace (I can never remember its name), London

A view from the side of St. Paul's Cathedral, London

Door, Windsor (many more of these to come, for some reason I love taking photos of different doors!)
The Queen's Garden, Windsor Castle
It is difficult to speak adequately, or justly, of
London. It is not a pleasant place; it is not agreeable, or easy, or exempt from reproach. It is only magnificent.

- Henry James


  1. You have a lovely blog, and I look forward to 'revisiting' your travels with you!

    I also have a weakness for doors - maybe it's the mystery that waits within? Or the beautiful difference of them all? Whatever it is, I love them.

  2. Aw, thanks for the compliment, I love your photos too. Is it bad that I already want to revisit my travels, when I only got back 4 days ago? :)

    hooray for the travel bug!

  3. Ooooh, I love love love LONDON! I never got to go to Buckingham! Have fun on your trip!!

  4. bel oiseau: Europe has that affect on you, doesn't it? I've been planning my return since the day I got back!

    Thanks to all for the comments!