Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I love Paris in the Springtime - Day 4

My last day in Paris two years ago included some more sightseeing at the Opera House, Place de la Concorde, Notre Dame, a visit to the Palace of Versailles, and a sunset cruise on the Seine.

Yesterday I was watching the film Sabrina (the newer version with Harrison Ford) and I heard this lovely quote I had forgotten about:

Sabrina: I used to walk everywhere in Paris. I used to walk from Montmartre down into the center of the town. Along the Seine there is a four mile walk that goes from Isle Saint Germain to the Pont de Bercy. Takes you past all the bridges of Paris, twenty-three of them. Then you find one you love and you go there everyday with your coffee and your journal, and you listen to the river.

Linus: What does it tell you?

Sabrina: ...That’s between you and the river.

I hope one day I can stay in Paris long enough to find my favorite bridge in Paris and listen to what the river has to say to me.

Les Invalides
View from a window at Versailles
Notre Dame
Sunset on the Seine, Notre Dame

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  1. Here's to hoping your wish comes true - soon!

    Gorgeous sunset photo!