Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I found myself in Paris - Day 3

The minute I stepped off the train at the Gare de Lyon, I fell in love with Paris.

I visited many masculine cities on my tour: London, Florence, Rome, Athens...but this city is beautifully and unmistakeably feminine.

Two years ago today, I was sightseeing around Paris, visiting the Louvre, and taking pictures of the Seine from the top of the Eiffel Tower... Oh, what I would give to be back in the City of Light right now!

I hope you enjoy these photos:

Arc de Triomphe
The Louvre is to me (having extensively studied art history) as Disneyland is to a six-year-old...

La Tour Eiffel


  1. Ahhhh Paris - it captures your soul and never lets go! Beautiful photos.

  2. I've been here! You took very good photos! Oh how I miss Paris!