Saturday, June 13, 2009

ITALY! - Day 7

"Italy has always had a magnetic north pull on my psyche."
-Frances Mayes

I still love this quote, even though Italy hasn't completely always had a pull on my psyche. But it sure has since I left!

Before I left for this trip, I was excited to see Italy, but not any more than England, Switzerland, or Greece. I was probably the most excited for France. I'd taken years of French in high school, and just knew it would be my favorite. And it was beautiful, it completely met every expectation I had...but Italy blew me away. It is without a doubt the most beautiful country in the world. No question.

And now, two years later, Italy is all I can think about. Now, my high school French is nearly all but forgotten, and my college major is Italian.

All I've been doing the last two years is trying to get back. (Hopefully next summer for study abroad!)

Anyways, first up is stunning Verona, home of the story of Romeo and Juliette..

Arena of Verona
Italy's beautiful flag

Love notes from around the world, near Juliette's balcony below

"Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?"

Lovely piazza


  1. People keep telling me to read the twilight series, but I haven't cause they sound like a softer version of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Vampire novel series...but maybe I will have to pick them up :P

  2. beauuutiful! I want to learn Italian too!

  3. I'm dying to go to Italy too!

    One of the blogs I follow is by a Swiss expat living in Rome - you should have a look at her amazing photos ... They'll only make you jealous!

  4. Sunder: I was skeptical about the series also, but they're actually really good!

    Sarah: Oh my! Thank you so much for the link,I checked it out and I have a feeling it's going become my newest daily read!

    Thanks for all the comments :)