Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Firenze - Days 9 & 10

As nearly impossible as it is to choose a favorite city, I think Florence is mine (with Rome in a very close second place). I love all the history that is rooted here: from the Medicis, to the many architects and artists, old palazzi (palaces), and famous writers such as Dante and Machiavelli. This city is, after all, home of the Renaissance.

There is so much to do here almost overwhelming. One could spend a month in Florence visiting museums, churches, and landmarks and still not see everything!

Best. Lasagne. Ever.
Michelangelo's David

Ponte Vecchio

Brunelleschi's Duomo

View of Firenze


  1. fantastic pictures! thanks for sharing. makes me want to go there... :)

  2. My husband would agree with you. He is trying to convince me to relocate there for a few months...not that I really need my arm twisted!

    Are you familiar with the Angel Academy in Florence?

  3. Haha I'm trying desperately to get to there!

    I'm somewhat familiar with it, I know its an art school that teaches its students to paint like the renaissance masters, but other than that not much.

    Is that the reason your husband wants to relocate?

  4. Yes, he would love to study in Florence for a year or so.

  5. That would be an incredible experience! How fun it must be to have an artist as a husband :)