Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jewels of India

I have always found Middle Eastern and Indian art and architecture to be incredibly beautiful and interesting. I love their use of jewel-toned colors, the intricacy of their mosaics and designs, and the unique structural elements (the arches, pillars and moldings).

How could you live in rooms like these and not feel like a Mughal princess?! So beautiful...

I love the archway and the mosaics
More beautiful arches, this time scalloped

Beautiful use of light


Love these headboards

I love the gemstone colors against the stark white on the left
(all photos via An Indian Summer - such a beautiful blog!)


  1. Amazing images... I never had really thought about this style or type of architecture before your post but it is beyond beautiful...

  2. I love these pictures too! It´s such an inspiring and beautiful blog, isn´t it?! Hope you will have a very inspiring and beautiful day today :o)

  3. These are great. I love the how detailed Middle Eastern art is. The sink and the headboards are really nice.