Tuesday, September 29, 2009

European men know best...

I love this promo for J. Crew and wish more men in the U.S. dressed like this.

Too many guys dress shabby and over casually, when really, all they need is a little wardrobe makeover and voila! they could be come pretty good looking guys.

Sometimes (ok, often) I just want to move to Switzerland like Signorina Svizzera. Let me just say: the men there know what they are doing!!! I've never seen so many beautiful males in my life! A good portion of their attractiveness, I believe, comes from the way they dress...


  1. You are so right on with this observation! That's why my hubby only buys European clothes because they fit properly and he looks like a million bucks in them! And by the way, I bet you would agree that dressing is not the only thing they do perfectly! ;)

  2. i agree!! and, japanese men! whew do they know how to dress! everything is tailored and fits so beautifully. i can never go back to sloppy south africans!

  3. Oh my Gosh! I am so flattered you mentioned me!
    Also, I just sent this to one of my guy friends who has moved back to America...I told him I worry about him getting sucked into buying a overly-large suit at Brooks Brothers (it is a serious concern! We helped him pick out a beautiful Italian suit for graduation and his mother hates it because it is "too tight").
    And yes, the men here know what they are doing ;)