Monday, July 20, 2009


I recently found this uber-fun blog that has a series called "Stranded! Sundays," where guest bloggers share what items they'd bring with them if they were stranded on a deserted island.

Here's what I'd bring:

COMPANION: my best friend Alyssa--she'd make the time go much faster while we waited to be rescued. Plus she has an uncanny ability to make me laugh uncontrollably...

FOOD: Margherita pizza as it tastes in Naples--just thinking about it makes me drool

DRINK: Homemade Raspberry Lemonade--mmmm!

MOVIE: French Kiss. I've seen this so many times, but it never gets old or any less hilarious!

BOOK: A giant compilation of all seven Harry Potter books (such a thing doesn't exist, but since I could only pick one book...). And yes, I am a bigtime Harry Potter nerd.
ALBUM: Not one single album really pops out at me. I'd have to bring a mixed CD of all my favorite songs.

BEAUTY PRODUCT: Mascara can go a long way... Although now that I think about it sunscreen might be a bit more practical!

HAIR PRODUCT: A brush. My hair is really long which means it is very prone to tangles...

SHOES: Some cute Tory Burch flip flops!

ITEM OF CLOTHING: This sundress (hopefully over a pretty swimsuit)


  1. Aren't you cute! Wasn't it fun to think of the ultimate essentials.... :)

  2. So fun! I loved your picks by the way!

  3. Oh, I love what you'd bring!
    And I haven't seen French Kiss...must check it out.

    Thank you for your lovely comment!
    Lovely blog, just added myself as a follower :)

  4. o my goodness I love the movie french kiss and in fact i was going to put in a movie tonight and i think that just might be the one.

  5. that pizza looks amazing....
    and i can't believe i've never seen that movie...will have to have a movie nite
    so glad to find your lovely blog

  6. ahahahahaha your strandedness sounds more like a beach party! <3 maybe thats the way it should have been for those people on lost... too much draaaama

  7. I love your list, miss thing! Thank you for the sweet mention.


  8. French Kiss was one of my favorites for sure! Great list :)

  9. great post! and that pizza looks yaammi!

    Love Miiicha

  10. Hello there! I've been meaning to inquire after your delicious homemade Raspberry Lemonade recipe. Please send a message back to larahillier(at)me(dot)com.