Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I have been playing this song on the piano for the last few weeks after I finally bought the sheet music.

It's beautiful, as is the film it's from...


  1. i <3 this movie so much.

    in my next life i would like to come back as audrey!

  2. me too! isn't she the cutest!?

  3. I love to play this on the piano! we must be blogging-piano twins ;)

  4. This makes me want to learn how to play the piano! I've decided I'm going to take lessons with my daughter when she's older. Everything I play is by ear, but I have the hardest time reading sheet music.

  5. Amelie...j'adore le film and she's so beautiful. Actually she doesn't reflect the standard criterions of beauty but, to me, she's so feminine and elegant. she has a charme that only the french woman have!

    So you love Italy? next time if you want we could practice your italian and my english? Deal?
    have a nice summer night!