Thursday, July 09, 2009


I have read this book more than any other book on the planet. I know I should probably be saying this about a book of more literary merit, such as a Jane Austen novel or Charles Dickens, or something like To Kill A Mockingbird, or even Harry Potter.

But this has honestly been my favorite book since I read it for the first time in second grade. I've read it at least 25 times since (I should start counting), but its magic never seems to fade.

Read it if you haven't already, I know you'll love it.

P.S. - What's your favorite book??


  1. i`ve never read it, but i watched the movie! how does the book compare?

    haha i am such a stereotype. the book i`ve read most in my lifetime is to kill a mockingbird :p

  2. The book is so, SO much better! I know that I couldn't expect them to keep everything 100% with the book, but they really just did not do a very good job and butchered the entire storyline.

    Read it and I'll explain more of the issues I had with the movie... :)

  3. I'll be reading this for sure! Love good recommendations....

    One of my favorite books...Jitterbug Perfume!

  4. Thank you- I'm going to read it to my daughter Lola.

    I recommend I Capture The Castle.

  5. Whoa! I totally remember this book. The cover brought back the memory of me reading it years ago! Cool :)

  6. my goodness i LOOOVE this book! i've probably read it just as many times and i hated the movie!