Thursday, October 08, 2009


I want a love like the one Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth share...

P.S. - I love, love, love the movie...


  1. please tell me you have seen the BBC version with Colin Ferth....oh its so much more like the book, and wonderfully romantic and frustrating. although, it is something like 3 discs long, so brace yourself. but i LOVE every minute of it!!!

  2. I have seen the BBC version: so, SO good.

    But something about the costuming, the stunning scenery, and just the way they filmed this one with Keira Knightly captured me and took me to a whole new place...

    But yes, I do love how the older one came almost straight from the book. There are certain things I love about both versions... :)

  3. me too...after they get past their differences! i also want the lifestyle mr. darcy would provide!!