Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Love Drought

Confession: I have never had a boyfriend. Ever (...unless you count Lucas Reynolds back in third grade, but even that only lasted about a week). And I'm almost 20 years old.

Is that weird?

Honestly, it's never really bothered me. But lately I've been longing for love. Every chick flick I see, novel I read, or cute couple I notice, makes me want to let out a sigh... And my daydreaming these days is out-of-control.

My mom is convinced it's because I suck at flirting. Which is completely false. I can flirt! Really, I can! I'm just a subtle flirter... Except I guess maybe a little too subtle... (90% of the time no one even knows I'm flirting!) Ohhh why can't a coy glance and a smile get me half as far with American boys as it could with the notorious Italian ones???

I'm trying to change, truly, but it's hard for me! I've had my eye on a bel ragazzo (beautiful boy) in one of my classes, but how do I let him know I want to be more than friends without making a fool of myself if he's not interested? All my efforts in flirting have been futile. I'm stumped!

So--do you have any flirting tips for a girl like me? And I'm curious: where did you meet your significant other?

(photo via Le Love)


  1. Can I tell you something? I'm a bit older than you and I suggest you to have fun, go out with friends, flirt, make a lot of experience ... You'll have an entire life to fall in love and the less you are looking for it the easier you'll find your love? the right one!
    But before the right one be prepared to meet a lot of hass....!

  2. I didn´t have my first boyfriend until I was 20. I wanted SO bad to have one, that I agreed to have a relationship with him. It was one worst mistakes I have ever done. So my best advice can be... don´t rush. On the other hand... Italy is FULL of hot hot italians, so you must have your fun!!!

  3. haha i am 25 and i have been single for a while. most of my friends are getting married and all that other stuff. and it doesnt bother me anymore

    if i was still dating one of my exes then chances are i never would have moved to japan. and i would not be as happy as i am now

    sure we all look for love. but its not really about flirting and wearing short skirts and being fun. its about confidence. its about living life. and its about knowing that one day, when the right time comes, so will the right person

  4. Thanks for all the wonderful comments so far! And I have to agree--right now it's all about just living and loving life and having fun, no matter what my relationship status is! :)

  5. awww! you don't need to change! just try being a little more obvious! i think guys want what they can't have..so maybe just be vague about your plans..and when they ask you for more details or info, just be like "wouldn't you like to know?" and then smile.

  6. Hi Alessia! First of all, you shouldn't change! You're still young (I'm sure that's what many people tell you quite often but it's sheer truth)and you have all your life ahead of you! Enjoy this time, enjoy beautiful moments you spend with your friends, your school and summer holidays! I can assure you that the right time will come and you'll fall in love. Just be patient. And about this boy you like... why not try to find a common thing you might talk about.. I don't know, a book, homework you had to do or simply a hobby you both might share..? I know it sounds difficult but you can try. As the Italians say: "Coraggio!" : )