Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sometimes (most of the time) I hate dating

I don't mean to sound like a Debbie Downer, but lately being unattached has been hard.

It's scary to be back out there after you've had your heart put through a meat grinder.  It's hard to let down that wall you've built, not knowing if this guy you've started to fall for will let you down later.

I have this fear that my heart is going to get broken again.  I'm afraid to fully put my heart into a relationship because there's always a chance that somewhere down the line I'll be hurt again.

Any words of comfort or advice out there?


  1. hey, thanks for dropping by my page..let me tell u i was in your shoes earlier this year.. i dumped after 5 years... u are much younger than i am.. (56) SO the older one gets its harder to find another...believe me.. i've heard it from other people my age..some who never married, some who were... you are grieving, yes, u can grieve over it, its a loss. take your time.. and if that is u in that profile pic, u will not have a hard time finding another... (sorry if that embarasses u)..I on the other hand have resigned myself to being alone..I won't settle, I just won't..

  2. Don't force anything. Sometimes its okay to step back and NOT DATE for awhile. Just focus on you. Sounds like you need some YOU time. You don't have to put yourself 100% in every time. You can take things slowwwww you know :) Usually when you know exactly what you want, and are happy with yourself, dating will be a lot more fun!

  3. Oh my goodness I'm exactly where you are right now. I just broke up with the man that I was going to marry.. It's a daunting thought to be single again and have to do the dating thing... Boo.... So I'm not.. fortunately I have plenty of single girlfriends and we're enjoying eachother and spending lots of time doing fun male free things! I just have faith that it will happen when it's supposed to, and not a minute before!
    xox tash