Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Notte Sento

I love this short romantic film via Le Love! It was made with over 4,500 still photographs. Don't you wish something like this could happen to you? Rome at night is a beautiful thing to behold...

P.S. - I'm in love with this girl's style: her shoes, her dress, her hair...!

***If you experience technical difficulties in viewing this film, click here.


  1. I like your taste in movies Alessia. This looks very interesting, but unfortunately when I tried to watch it, it cut out at 1:40. I would love to have seen what happened at the end...

    Also, when I tried to post the comment using my google account it would not send, and only posted under anonymous...

    Eleonora Ferrari

  2. That is unfortunate it cuts out. Perhaps the embedding may have messed it up. You can see the entire segment here:

    I checked it and at this link it does not cut out there.

    As for the comment posting, I don't know! It wasn't anything I have adjusted or changed. Ahh computers (sigh)

  3. Thanks for the extra link at; it worked perfectly this time and I loved the ending - so romantic! Beautiful, just beaufiful...

    Oh, and the comment worked fine this time!

  4. i posted about this awhile ago - i love it and that girl is just stunning!

  5. i posted this as well
    its so beautiful
    i think it would couple perfectly with 'true' from paris je t'aime - the one with natalie portman. check it out if you haven't seen it.
    p.s. how stunning is this girl and her style?